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Landscape professionals service the most significant and grand commercial properties in the country as well as the tree-lined median strips up and down Main Street, U.S.A. Their work welcomes millions of visitors to office buildings, shopping malls, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, hotels, and dozens of other commercial properties every single day. In many cases, their landscape creations are the first impression guests receive of the facility and often the ones that leave the most lasting impression. In fact, quality landscaping is so important to commercial businesses, research has shown it has actually offers bottom-line benefits. Make sure your landscaping and your relationship with your landscape professional is not an afterthought. Learn how to maximize the business and environmental benefits of your landscape - the one you have now and the one you want to create in the future. And don't forget tactical planning so that you are on top of safety, weather considerations, and sustainability initiatives to support your the operations of your facility. 


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